About LunarEclipse

The aim of Lunar Eclipse is to develop a collection of eclipse plugins that together make a IDE for the development of applications in the Lua programming language. The environment will provide syntax highlight, code completion, compilation errors, code and comment folding and an ouline view besides the tools that the eclipse platform does provide. This set will allow to develop Lua programms more easily and more comfortable than other sollutions.

The following features are implemented or planned:

  • Syntax Hightlight
  • Auto Completion (planned)
  • Content Folding
  • Error Markers via Integrated Parser- thanks to ANTLR
  • Outline View

News of the project

I started a news section to keep you informed about the current and future development of this plugin set.

January 09, 2008

Happy New Year! I finished release 1.2.7 which is unfortunately only a bug fix release. The editor is now starting again on double click on a .lua file in the script explorer. I also changed some of the reported bug to feature request since they are actually of such kind.

December 05, 2007

Hello. Long time it has been silent on this page, because I had not time to work on LunarEclipse. But I managed today to upload Version 1.2.6 which fixes some minor bugs posted on sourceforge. I hope to make future updates on a more regulary basis.

May 30, 2007

Version 1.2.3 is available. Just an update to stay in sync with the ongoing DLTK development. If you get an error that the editor could't be displayed, be sure you are running this version.

May 15, 2007

Version 1.2.1 is available. It's the first release based on the DLTK Framework. You will find some new features and some things are missing but with the next release I hope to have the same feature set as before the DLTK switch. The biggest improvement is the reworked parser which now works correct on all Lua programms.Important: Eclipse 3.3M6 or later is required to use this plugin.

April 26, 2007

I'm currently adopting LunarEclipse to use the Dynamic Language Tool Kit (DLTK) wich will provide a great improvement. Such as new explorer views, a complete launching and debugging infrastructure other nice features. So check their website, especially if you are also interested in Python, Ruby or Tcl.

Status of the project

The project has been deployed to SourceForge.net and can be obtained as file distribution for a local update site and as source package directly exported from Eclipse. You will find both in the download section of the SF project page.

current version

The current version is 1.2.7 and can be obtained via the Update Site or in the download section of the SF project site.

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